Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
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Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons in Virginia

500 Masonic Lane, Suite C, Henrico, Virginia 23223‑5552 500 Masonic Lane, Suite C
Henrico, Virginia 23223-5552


Chapter Services

  1. Michael Vandyke, Chairman
    (276) 971-9274
  2. David Conner
    (757) 338-5366
  3. Emmett Dalton
    (434) 944-7278
  4. Charlie Harmon
    (540) 869-1454
  5. William M. “Billy” Mutter
    (757) 620-3010
  6. Jeff Paras
    (757) 277-5830
  7. Phillip Sommers
    (914) 584-3206
  8. Roger Vandyke
    (276) 385-5716
  9. Graham Chip Winston
    (757) 237-1069

Committee on Work

  1. Randall W. Johnson, Grand Lecturer
    (757) 547-0478
  2. Russel Ghee Snodgrass, Associate Grand Lecturer
    (540) 649-2063
  3. All the District Lecturers


  1. Ronald F. Sturm, Chairman
    (540) 832-2365
  2. Danny Wayne Bentley
    (276) 762-7480 (H), (276) 701-4385 (C)
  3. Matthew E. Caldwell
    (540) 272-7253
  4. Paul Wiley Garrett
    (434) 315-1096
  5. Michael Matrosky
    (757) 818-0104

Education and Service

It shall be the duty of this Committee to disseminate Masonic educational material; to administer the Grand Royal Arch Chapter's Leadership Correspondence Course; and to prepare reports as required by the Grand High Priest. All expenditures are to be approved by the Grand High Priest.

  1. Huey P. Allen, Keystone Editor
    (703) 655-7434
  2. Raymon W. Bacchus, Grand Provost, Chairman
    (703) 899-8590
  3. Ex Officio: All Grand Chapter Elected Officers
  4. Michael H. Ashley
    (540) 975-3354
  5. J. Brandon Hale
    (276) 971-6095
  6. Gregory D. Hosaflook
    (804) 241-1244
  7. James C. Landerkin
    (443) 904-1455
  8. Joseph M. Matthews
    (919) 842-2903
  9. David M. Strohsahl
    (757) 353-5937
  10. Edward Tooma
    (540) 465-1462
  11. Jeremy B. Utt
    (757) 293-8280


It shall be the duty of the Committee on Finance to audit and examine the books and accounts of the Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer; and to report its actions at each Grand Annual Convocation. During the recess of the Grand Chapter, the Committee may, with the approval of the Grand High Priest, authorize each expenditure by the Grand Treasure as it shall deem necessary and proper. The Committee shall prepare and present to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter at the first session of each annual Grand Convocation a tentative budget of the estimated receipts and expenditures from all sources and all expenditures for the current capitular year, provided that a copy thereof shall be presented to the Grand Annual Convocation in each year. Nothing herein shall be interpreted as infringing upon the prerogative of the Grand High Priest to control the funds of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia.

  1. John J. McClelland, Chairman
    (804) 240-7367
  2. Ex Officio: All Grand Chapter Elected Officers
  3. Lyle W. Hartsock
    (276) 690-4217
  4. Thomas L. Lewis
    (804) 994-3484
  5. Freddie Pearson
    (804) 895-1903
  6. Henry G. Sharber
    (804) 774-6664
  7. Daniel H. Surface
    (276) 759-2962
  8. Thomas Lee Varner, Jr.

Fraternal Relations

It shall be the duty of this Committee on Fraternal Relations to peruse the Proceedings of other Grand Royal Arch Chapters and Grand Councils in correspondence with the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia and, at each Annual Grand Convocation, to report a review of such proceedings. It shall carry on correspondence with other Grand Jurisdictions with the purpose of recognizing Fraternal Relations, exchanging Grand Royal Arch Chapter representatives, and making recommendations to the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia and the Grand High Priest. If a Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters is in fraternal relations with any Grand Royal Arch Chapter recognized by the Grand Royal Arch Masons in Virginia then, on application by that Grand Council, recognition is automatically extended. All Grand Representatives are encouraged to make every effort possible to be in contact with the counterparts. Any and all information that they deem pertinent to the Craft should be forwarded to the Chairman of the Committee by August.

  1. Donald Leo McAndrews, Chairman
    (703) 582-5408
  2. Michael T. Huff
    (703) 303-7951
  3. Thomas Lee Varner, Jr.

Grand Chapter Trustees

  1. Daniel H. Surface, 3 Years
    (276) 759-2962
  2. Nelson Crane Trinkle, Sr., 2 Years
    (804) 337-3069
  3. Donald Leo McAndrews, 1 Year
    (703) 582-5408

Grand Line Meritorious Bowl

The Grand Line Bowl, a sterling silver Punch Bowl of Paul Revere design was established as a trophy through the personal contribution of the Grand line officers of 1964-1965, and is to be awarded at the Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter to the District demonstrating the greatest interest, enthusiasm, and initiative in the Program for Progress.

  1. Joseph Gadea, GM 3rd Veil Chairman
    (757) 604-3917 (C)
  2. Joey Martin, GM 2nd Veil
    (540) 892-6778
  3. J. Brandon Hale, GM 1st Veil
    (276) 971-6095

Information Technology Services

The Grand Chapter Committee on Information Technology is established to review, assess, and recommend to the Grand High Priest an information technology strategy for Grand Chapter and assist in implementing information technology improvements and investment projects. The Committee shall be composed of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and six members with adequate information technology and industry knowledge and experience to carry out their responsibilities as a member of the Committee.

  1. Fred Kellner, Vice Chairman
    (571) 422-3540
  2. Emmett M. Pate, Jr., Chairman
    (757) 404-8594
  3. Mike Aulicino
    (703) 451-3179
  4. Granville (Jack) C. Canard, Jr.
    (571) 766-8440
  5. Craig A. Cox
    (423) 956-7344
  6. D. Cole David
    (540) 922-2152
  7. Ronald J. Leibfreid
    (571) 249-9015
  8. Joeseph Martinez
    (703) 340-5914
  9. Jason Matchett
    (703) 505-7257
  10. John Suit
    (301) 606-9067


It shall be the duty of this Committee to implement Section 34 of the Digest, reviewing all resolutions and propositions, preparing them, in collaboration with their proposers, to insure proper form, text and purposes, and to submit its findings to the Grand Secretary for presentation in printed form to the Grand Royal Arch Chapter for consideration. It shall be the duty of the Committee to further study the Digest, recommending revisions when necessary, and to update for publication in the Digest such annotations, decisions, recommendations, and laws as have previously been approved by the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia.
In order for the Grand Secretary to forward a copy of proposed legislation to the individual Royal Arch Chapters for their review and perusal, it is strongly recommended that all resolutions be forwarded to the Grand Secretary by August 15th, on month prior to the prescribed time noted in Section 34 of the Digest. The intent is to give all the Chapters adequate time to review with their Companions the proposed resolutions that will appear before the Committee of the Whole Grand Chapter at the Grand Annual Communication.

  1. Meredith Craig Hutto, Chairman
    (757) 547-4713
  2. Edmund Cohen
    (703) 687-4848
  3. Floyd Byron Goodwin
    (757) 439-5540 (H), (757) 630-0618 (C)
  4. Philip Niemann Rhodes
    (703) 237-0036
  5. Russel Ghee Snodgrass
    (540) 649-2063

Meritorious Service

It shall be the duty of this Committee to review nominations for the John Dove Meritorious Service Award submitted by the Companions; selecting and recommending one of the Nominees to receive the Award. Nominations should be sent to:

Meritorious Service Committee
Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
500 Masonic Lane, Suite C
Henrico, Virginia 23223-5552

  1. Daniel H. Surface, Chairman
    (276) 759-2962
  2. Wayne H. "Andy" Anderson
    (757) 646-1438
  3. William D. Robinson
    (276) 202 -7002
  4. Russel Ghee Snodgrass
    (540) 649-2063
  5. Thomas Lee Varner, Jr.


  1. Patrick Murphrey, Chairman
    (757) 871-5376
  2. Mark Day
    (540) 797-7754
  3. Danilo B. Diego
    (757) 600-3884
  4. Jeff Cole Hedges
    (540) 364-7333 (H), (301) 275-1177 (C)
  5. Michael T. Huff
    (703) 303-7951
  6. Robert D. Maxwell
    (276) 881-8160
  7. William D. Robinson
    (276) 202 -7002
  8. Michael Vandyke
    (276) 971-9274

Multi-State Festival

  1. John W. Bullach, Jr., Chairman
    (703) 534-3109
  2. Randall W. Johnson
    (757) 547-0478

Perpetual Membership Trustees

  1. Marion Jefferson Humphreys III, Permanent
  2. Wayne H. "Andy" Anderson, Ex Officio
    (757) 646-1438
  3. John R. Goodwin
    (757) 581-2031
  4. Floyd Byron Goodwin
    (757) 439-5540 (H), (757) 630-0618 (C)
  5. Jack Moorman
    (804) 901-2279
  6. Patrick Murphrey
    (757) 871-5376


It shall be the duty of this Committee on Philanthropy to coordinate and direct the charitable interests and benevolent monetary donations of the Companions of Royal Arch Freemasonry, wherever so dispersed within the Commonwealth of Virginia. lt is our responsibility to provide security, transparency, and accountability in the recording of contributions while supporting, organizing, and encouraging the charitable initiatives and goals established by the presiding Grand High Priest and Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in Virginia. We will forge relationships with the leadership and designated contacts of our elected charities to ensure that our support is fluid, targeted, and functional to their needs. We will strive to be both visible and available to both our Companions and our community at large so that we may shed a positive light on our philanthropic heritage and provide civic leadership to inspire good men, unfamiliar with our Masonic tenets, to become Freemasons.

  1. Paul W. Lockhart, Chairman
    (540) 272-7248
  2. Craig A. Cox
    (423) 956-7344
  3. Torben Pedersen
    (540) 460-2767
  4. Andrew Jack Spradin
    (540) 235-1398

Robert Claiborne Wilson Award of Excellence

This award is designed to assist High Priests and Chapter Officers in preparation for the coming year, and as a reference during the year. Using the award in this way will make your Chapter healthy and encourage member participation. It is important for Excellent Kings and Scribes to examine these criteria and use them to plan for their year. It is critical for incoming High Priests to have a plan, hopefully based on these guidelines, and that they refer to these guidelines during the year to modify their plan.

Comments about the criteria and suggestions for revision are encouraged and should be emailed to the Robert Claiborne Wilson Award of Excellence Committee to:

Rules for the Robert Claiborne Wilson Award and Application Form

  1. Michael T. Huff, Chairman
    (703) 303-7951
  2. J. Brandon Hale
    (276) 971-6095
  3. Kevin J. Harvey
    (434) 942-2494
  4. Roy Braxton Henderson
    (276) 706-0012
  5. Nelson Crane Trinkle, Sr.
    (804) 337-3069

Stewards and Arrangements

This Committee shall direct and control the Grand Steward in the discharge of all the duties of his office during the Convocations of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia. This Committee shall assist the Grand High Priest in preparing for all meetings, banquets and fellowship times at the Grand Convocation. Special attention shall be given to assure proper audio equipment is available for all meetings, and that adequate time is allowed for the hotel to arrange the facilities for the next designated meeting.

  1. Jeffrey McCracken, Chairman
    (276) 415-9966
  2. TBD
  3. TBD
  4. Ariel Alcantara
    (757) 478-7667

W.J. Hubard Scholarship Fund

  1. Russel Ghee Snodgrass, Chairman
    (540) 649-2063
  2. James Arthur Fields, Jr.
    (540) 943-1521 (H) (540) 649-2059 (C)
  3. Patrick Murphrey
    (757) 871-5376

York Rite Building

  1. Wayne H. "Andy" Anderson
    (757) 646-1438
  2. Marion Jefferson Humphreys III
  3. Major G. Stephenson
    (757) 515-6184


  1. Romulo M. Capuno, Chairman
    (703) 644-7818(H) , (703) 855-7023 (C)
  2. Carl H. Dunn, Jr.
    (703) 401-3555
  3. John R. Goodwin
    (757) 581-2031
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