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Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons in Virginia
Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons in Virginia

500 Masonic Lane, Suite C, Henrico, Virginia 23223‑5552 500 Masonic Lane, Suite C
Henrico, Virginia 23223-5552

Grand Line Bowl

The Grand Line Bowl, a sterling silver Punch Bowl of Paul Revere design was established as a trophy through the personal contribution of the Grand line officers of 1964-1965, and is to be awarded at the Annual Convocation of Grand Chapter to the District demonstrating the greatest interest, enthusiasm, and initiative in the Program for Progress.


201717Peter S. Jensen
201617Paul William Lockhart
201515Dennis Haas
201417Edward Allen Wade
20131Jason W. Lotz
201217David C. McAndrews
201117Anthony J. LaCava
20108E. Stephen Smith
20099Roger E. Duncan
20088W. Wayne Ratliff
200714Frederick C. Vaughan, Sr.
20069Frederick Stanley Koziol
20054Leo Barker
200412Paul Cook
20034Donald Waite
200217Edwin P. Elliott
200117James B. Bartley
20003George F. Black, Jr.
199921Leroy T. Coleman
19982William T. Lunsford
19971James T. Banton, Sr.
199616William E. Copenhaver
19951Walter P. Benesch
19941George R. Bierman
19932John P. Deickman, III
19922Lynn R. Smith
19911Erwin S. Becker
199011Joseph G. Dotson
198921Edwin C. Whitlock
198822Lester H. Mc Elroy
19872Walter S. Pennington, Jr.
198619Samuel G. Hughes
198515Benton M. Wicks
19844Edward R. Burton, Jr.
198317Donald M. Van Houten
19822H. Hugh Green
19812Philip E. Thiem
19801Stewart W. Miner
19792Bernard B. Belote, Jr.
197822William E. Donald
19773Clyde G. Burcher
19761James Warren Smith
19752Frank E. Alderman
197422Billy Copeland
197312Carl R. Delgrange
197221Ishmael Franklin
19713Omar White
19704Thomas L. Zirkle
19693Joseph P. Barnes
19682W. Joseph White
19672Raymond H. Clyburn
19663Paul D. Kent
196511Joe G. Dotson, Jr.
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