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Grand Chapter
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Ish Sodi Award

The Ish Sodi Award is the highest honor that can be given by a Grand Council of Cryptic Masons. In Virginia, where the Cryptic degrees fall under the authority of the Grand Chapter, this award is given to outstanding Companions and is considered the second highest honor (behind the John Dove Award). Only a very limited number are awarded each year by the Grand High Priest.

This award was first presented by the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia in 2007 by M.E. Charles "Buddy" Wagner.


2018Paul W. LockhartWarren No. 5
2018James David BentleyBarrett No. 76
2017William Richard FuziaW. G. Bottimore No. 28
2017Danilo Baldoz DiegoPrincess Anne No. 1607
2016Nelson Crane Trinkle, Sr.Washington No. 9
2015Christopher SwihartManassas No. 81
2015Mark ChapmanKeystone No. 58
2014William R. OwensO'Keeffe No. 26
2014John Richard RawlsWarwick No. 80
2013Tony ParksGalax No. 87
2013Henry SharberPetersburg Union No. 7
2012Gordon H. Sprigg, Jr.Washington No. 9
2012Christopher Mark RemboldEuclid No. 15
2011Anthony Joseph LaCavaWarren No. 5
2011Bruce Allen RichardsonO'Keeffe No. 26
2010Andrew Jack SpradlinPulaski No. 39
2010Herman Arthur Dechent*Keystone No. 58
2008Frederick KoziolTaylor No. 70
2008David CarterFairfax No. 13
2007John M. YokszaWarwick No. 80
2007Thomas K. Staples, Jr.*Fredericksburg No. 23
2007Russel G. SnodgrassKeystone No. 58
2007Eugene F. Moorefield, Jr.Euclid No. 15
2007William T. Lunsford*Great Bridge No. 82
2007William T. Lee, Jr.Orange No. 47
2007Ira C. HudsonChincoteague No. 75
2007James E. DaughertyBlacksburg No. 65
2007Danny W. BentleyCastlewood No. 34
2007James B. BartleyLoudoun No. 55
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